How to Spot Good CBD Oil Products from The Bad Ones

Many have bought it, tasted it, tried it, applied it, sucked on it, chewed it and even sprayed it on themselves. What are we talking about? CBD or Cannabidiol Products. But very few know what is in them, or rather what should be in them in order to gain the full benefits. After the surge of the Farm Bill, coming out in the Unites States, and every other approval mandate from the government allowing certain manufacturers to sell their CBD products to its consumers, there has been an upsurge of different formats on the marketplace.

How to Spot Good CBD Oil Products from The Bad Ones

From gummy bears to oils and tinctures, creams, shampoos and deodorants, you name it and they have either made it or are in the process of making it. The truth is, just because it claims it has CBD in it, doesn’t necessarily mean it is of a high-quality, or that the amount added to it is enough to be beneficial to you in any way. There are many questions still left unanswered by authorities such as the FDA (food and Drug Administration), such as the ones on this article, but one thing that has been established is how to choose the best one.

Below we have comprised a few factors to consider when procuring any type of CBD Oil or product claiming to contain it, so the next time you go shopping around for one, you know exactly what to look for and can get your money’s worth.

Beyond Buying CBD Oil – What to Look for

These 7 important factors below, will help point you in the right direction and must be looked at first, before hitting that ‘add to cart’ button is below:

  1. Go to The Source. Out of all three variations of CBD, i.e. full, broad and Isolates, the full spectrum is the best one. A table describing what this is and the benefits thereof, can be found here : This is because of the ‘entourage effect’, i.e. the full effect all the 4 components in it, CBD, THC, Terpenes and Flavonoids brings out. The source often needs to be verified by the FDA, and majority of the high-quality plants in the USA are grown in Colorado.
  2. What Are the THC Levels? By law these should be between 0.2% and 0.3% maximum, no more. If it exceeds this, you may be taking chances and if you’re not used to the feeling ‘stoned’ stay away from any higher numbers.
  3. List of Ingredients. Make sure you do a thorough read through their list of all the other ingredients. Just because it comes in a pretty packaging and has been advertised across all social platforms, does not equal to it being the best one. If you don’t understand an ingredient, look it up online.
  4. Strength and Potency. For those who have never taken this substance before, sometimes even the dosage on the bottle shouldn’t be followed, but rather start with a tiny amount introduced to the system first, for about the first 2 weeks, then you can up it if you feel alright. Some bottles have lower doses on it, so this can be your go to, don’t think that the more potent it is the better it will be for you. A lower dose will give you better control.
  5. Unflavoured or Flavoured? This is another question to ask yourself. A lot of the brands have a variety of flavours to choose from, however if these flavours are naturally derived or created from synthetic chemicals, is the point to note. The unflavoured ones, in our books, is always the best. It tastes like grass and earth – which is not necessarily a bad thing. If, however you want some flavour go with something basic such as vanilla or mint.
  6. This is key and cannot be emphasized enough. Not surprisingly enough, there are some companies out there that make goods without giving heed to customer safety and only care about the monetary value, which means their products may do more harm than good to its consumers. Those that contain very low amounts of CBD but very high levels of chemicals, pesticides, synthetic and artificial additives, are to be shunned.
  7. Lab Results. A lot of the establishments that make these formats, by law, need to make their third-party laboratory result readily available to the public just like any other company that sells it, for example Holistapet, which has them on their website under a separate section, including certificates of analysis (COA’s). If this is not the case, ask for them, and if they do not respond, well then, it speaks for itself doesn’t it?

Lastly, do some research on their extraction methods. There a few good ones, and a few not so good ones. Any high-quality oil will naturally come from a high-quality source and extracted in the best means possible to make sure it retains its beneficial components. The best one so far has been the ethanol or carbon dioxide extractions which separate Hemp from CBD effectively, safely and efficiently.

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