Save Money with These 50 Awesome Homemade Soap Recipes

21 Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe Vera Soap21. Aloe Vera Soap (via Soap Recipes 101)

22 Butterfly Swirl Soap

Butterfly Swirl Soap22. Butterfly Swirl Soap: This beautiful Butterfly Swirl is inspired by the nonpareil paper marbling of old (not sure what a nonpareil pattern looks like? Check out the beautiful handmade paper that inspired this tutorial for a good example!). Four different tones create dynamic complex and rich patterns both on top of the soap and within the bars themselves. (via Soap Queen)

23 Pure & Mild Castile Soap

Pure & Mild Castile Soap23. Pure & Mild Castile Soap: Of all the products I’ve made myself, soap was always the DIY project that dare not speak its name. The ingredients were simple, the outcome was delightful, but there was that middle part with the horrible threat of flesh-eating burns and death that kept me relegated to scrubs and salad dressings. But when I came (via The Crunchy Urbanite)

24 Herbal Soap

Herbal Soap24. Herbal Soap: Possibly the most often expressed sentiment I hear, when it comes to soap making, goes something like: I want to make soap, but I’m really scared of the lye! That is a completely (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

25 Coffee Spice Bar Soap

Coffee Spice Bar Soap25. Coffee Spice Bar Soap (via Frugally Sustainable)

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