Save Money with These 50 Awesome Homemade Soap Recipes

11 Marshmallow Root Herbal Shampoo & Body Bar Soap

Marshmallow Root Herbal Shampoo & Body Bar Soap11. Marshmallow Root Herbal Shampoo & Body Bar Soap (via Frugally Sustainable)

12 Apple Cider Soap

Apple Cider Soap12. Apple Cider Soap: I love experimenting with different infusions and additives when making cold process soap. The options are almost limitless! With this batch, I thought I’d try incorporating apple cider into a spice scented bar (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

13 Spoon Swirl Homemade Soap

Spoon Swirl Homemade Soap13. Spoon Swirl Homemade Soap: Fun and easy spoon swirl homemade soap recipe. (via Soap Making Essentials)

14 Mocha Soap

Mocha Soap14. Mocha Soap (via Soap Recipes 101)

15 Hot Chocolate Soap

Hot Chocolate Soap15. Hot Chocolate Soap: Im fairly certain that I tipped my hand regarding my love of beverage-inspired soaps with Latt, Gin & Tonic, and Chai Latt soaps. Surely we all knew hot chocolate soap was right around the corner. And how right we were. Continue reading (via Humblebee & Me)

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