Save Money with These 50 Awesome Homemade Soap Recipes

36 Pumpkin Soap

Pumpkin Soap36. Pumpkin Soap: Today’s recipe is for Pumpkin Soap! For this batch, I added a vanilla spice swirl to give the bar just a hint of warm, fresh-baked scent. Because I have several sensitive family (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

37 Handmade Honey Soap

Handmade Honey Soap37. Handmade Honey Soap (via Everything ETSY)

38 Homemade Lavender Soap

Homemade Lavender Soap38. Homemade Lavender Soap: How to make soap: Lavender Soap Tutorial (via A Pumpkin & A Princess)

39 Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Pure Coconut Oil Soap39. Pure Coconut Oil Soap: When it comes to soap, this is probably the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. It’s moisturizing and bubbly, and all you need are three simple ingredients. Photo tutorial included. (via Mommy Potamus)

40 Chai Latte Soap

Chai Latte Soap40. Chai Latte Soap: Guest post from Amanda at Lovin Soap. Thanks, Amanda! My name is Amanda Griffin and I am a soap maker living in Grand Prairie, TX. My passion is sharing, talking and teaching the craft of soap making in the classroom, on my blog and in my eZine, Lovin Soap. One of the best things about soap (via Soap Queen)

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