35 Newspaper And Magazine Craft Ideas

1 Newspaper Nails

Newspaper Nails1. Newspaper Nails (via The Style Guru)

2 Silhouettes

Silhouettes2. Silhouettes (via Revista Alexandros)

3 Side Tables

Side Tables3. Side Tables: If there’s anything we have too many of in our apartment, it’s magazines and plants. So we solved the problem by re-purposing six magazines (and that’s all you need—no glue or scissors required!) into this plant stand. It took about ten minutes. Here’s how: (via Apartment Therapy)

4 Confetti Magazine Bowl

Confetti Magazine Bowl4. Confetti Magazine Bowl: I have so many magazines and wanted to do something interesting with them instead of tossing them into the recycling bin. I always wanted to make a colorful bowl, so my surplus of bright magazine pages provided a perfect opportunity. Cutting up the pages is also quite cathartic I recommend doing it on a day when you’re feeling a bit stressed. Plus I used one of my favorite products – Mod Podge! (via Think Crafts)

5 Upcycled Magazine Wreath

Upcycled Magazine Wreath5. Upcycled Magazine Wreath: Colorful Upcycled Magazine Wreath (via Addicted 2 Decorating)

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