20 Striped Nail Designs You Should Try

6 Perfect Stripes Nail

Perfect Stripes Nail6. Perfect Stripes Nail (via Small Good Things)

7 Vertical Stripe Gradient Nail

Vertical Stripe Gradient Nail7. Vertical Stripe Gradient Nail: The wonderful thing about nailart is that you don’t always need specific nailart equipment to make your nails look striking. The following six designs were achieved using only nail varnish and a reasonably steady hand. So if you’re a first timer, why not have a try at one. Vertical Stripe Gradient Nailart Tutorial Staircase StripesNailart (via tillynailart)

8 Sugared Stars and Stripes

Sugared Stars and Stripes8. Sugared Stars and Stripes: Candy colored stripes and sugary pink stars come together in this trendy textured I Heart Nail Art tutorial. It’s easier than you think! (via Chalkboard Nails)

9 Striped Tie-Dye

Striped Tie-Dye9. Striped Tie-Dye (via Brit Nails)

10 Single Stripe Nails

Single Stripe Nails10. Single Stripe Nails (via Isla Everywhere)

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