25 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Instant Coffee Pods

21 Easter Egg Cups

Easter Egg Cups21. Easter Egg Cups (via Sew Many Ways)

22 K-cup Accessory Organizer

K-cup Accessory Organizer22. K-cup Accessory Organizer (via Sew Many Ways)

23 K-cup Trinket Box

K-cup Trinket Box23. K-cup Trinket Box: Being that I am (still) addicted to coffee, the K-cups keep coming. Today I was in the mood for a somewhat mindless instant gratification kind of craft (as opposed to dress making and such) so I pulled out my old K-Cups and created 3 new ideas! Read on to see… (via Entirely Smitten)

24 Sound Memory Game + Craft

Sound Memory Game + Craft24. Sound Memory Game + Craft: I love coffee. More than the average person, I think. It all started about a year ago when Hubs came home with a Keurig. Since then I’ve been known to describe my day by how many cups; e.g. “Oh god, it’s definitely gonna be a three-cupper.” Life for me is… (via Entirely Smitten)

25 K-cup Pin Cushion

K-cup Pin Cushion25. K-cup Pin Cushion: Want to know how to recycle K-Cups into cute crafts? Check out this idea and make a K-Cup flower pin cushion. What a cute way to recycle K-Cups and store your pins. (via Favecrafts)

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