25 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Instant Coffee Pods

11 Nespresso Caps Garland

Nespresso Caps Garland11. Nespresso Caps Garland: This is not a secret, Nespresso is an opening of all the senses ! Relish a cup of coffee to bewitching fragrances: that’s a real pleasure. These pretty gold capsules is the accumulation of an additional waste. Some people are conscientious and brings their used capsules back and other people throw i (via RecyclArt)

12 K-cup Seed Starter

K-cup Seed Starter12. K-cup Seed Starter: My mother came up with this fantastic idea to reuse her K-cups instead of just throwing them out. (and goodness knows we use enough of them around her… (via Instructables)

13 Hanging K-cup Planters

Hanging K-cup Planters13. Hanging K-cup Planters: In the last few years, single cup coffeemakers like the Keurig have become increasingly popular, but throwing away a plastic cup every time you brew can make even the most savvy environmentalist fe… (via Off The Beaten Path)

14 String Up Lights

String Up Lights14. String Up Lights: Recycling & Crafting with K-Cups is easy when you use the Recycle A Cup to separate the K-Cup Pieces. Use coffee pods guilt free! (via Today’s Creative Blog)

15 Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers15. Confetti Poppers: Love coffee? Come check out the new McCafe coffee, available at Walmart. Then, come see how to upcycle Coffee Pods into Confetti Poppers! (via The Tip Toe Fairy)

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