25 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Instant Coffee Pods

6 K-cup Flower

K-cup Flower6. K-cup Flower: Weekly local newsletter of kid-friendly events and activities. (via Macaroni Kid)

7 K-cup Witches Brooms

K-cup Witches Brooms7. K-cup Witches Brooms: I am always on the hunt for cute and inexpensive ideas for holiday decor, and I really like to find ways to reuse things from around the home. Being a big coffee drinker I always have a ton of leftover K-Cups that have been begging to be repurposed. I have them in black, white and (via Domestic Mommy Hood)

8 K-cup Countdown Calendar

K-cup Countdown Calendar8. K-cup Countdown Calendar: Let me start by saying I am more than excited about this project. Like a lot of people, we are always over run with Halloween candy this time of year. We usually make ourselves an advent calendar (or countdown calendar, whatever you want to call it) with the candy out… (via Whatever Works)

9 K-cup Graduation Caps

K-cup Graduation Caps9. K-cup Graduation Caps (via Practips)

10 K-cup Stampers

K-cup Stampers10. K-cup Stampers: These homemade stampers are so easy to make and they’re uber customizable. You can use them for pretty much anything, but my favorites are to let your child draw a small picture and you can transfer it to the stamper- saving their art forever! Or use them as personalized stampers… (via Entirely Smitten)

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