25 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Instant Coffee Pods

16 Refill Your K-cups with Your Favorite Ground Coffee

Refill Your K-cups with Your Favorite Ground Coffee16. Refill Your K-cups with Your Favorite Ground Coffee: My wife Elly and I love the convenience of our Kuerig coffee machine, and we love the fact that it’s lasted longer than any other coffee machine that we’ve owned. The problem is that buying the k-cups that the machine is designed to use is… (via Hubpages)

17 K-cup Snowman

K-cup Snowman17. K-cup Snowman (via Make It Easy Crafts)

18 K-cup Mobile

K-cup Mobile18. K-cup Mobile: A few months ago, my husband and I debated over whether or not to purchase a Keurig. We liked the idea and convenience of having this coffee machine, but our biggest concern was the environmental impact caused by the K-Cups. You can check out the Keurig website to see what their company is doing to (via Kids Activities Blog)

19 K-cupsicles

K-cupsicles19. K-cupsicles (via Experiment Mom)

20 Mini K-Cup Bushel Basket

Mini K-Cup Bushel Basket20. Mini K-Cup Bushel Basket: Recycle K-cups the crafty way! You can make these mini k-cup bushel baskets to put on your knick-knack shelf and add some whimsy to your kitchen. This craft is a great way to use up those mounting k-cups. (via Favecrafts)

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