30 Awesome and Creative Key Holder Designs

11 Mini Garage Key Holder

Mini Garage Key Holder11. Mini Garage Key Holder (via cairo.de)

12 Home Sweet Home Key Holder

Home Sweet Home Key Holder12. Home Sweet Home Key Holder:

(via geschenkidee.at)

13 RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack

RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack13. RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack: This Instructable will show you how to make a cool colorful key chain and a rack for storing those key chains out of RJ-45 jacks and plugs. (via harari)

14 8-Bit Key Holder and Hanger

8-Bit Key Holder and Hanger14. 8-Bit Key Holder and Hanger (via Meninos)

15 KeySmart Key Organizer

KeySmart Key Organizer15. KeySmart Key Organizer: If you’re like me or you’re a janitor you have 30 keys on your key-ring, and they constantly are stabbing you in the leg when you sit, lay, and roll around on the ground like a dog. Sure you could thr… (via odditymall)

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