30 Awesome and Creative Key Holder Designs

16 Buckle Up Key Holder

Buckle Up Key Holder16. Buckle Up Key Holder: Never lose your car keys again with the Buckle Up Key Holder, a wall mounted key clip produced from a genuine car seatbelt buckle. A great gift for car lovers. (via awesome key holder ideas 22.jpg)

17 Felt Home Key Holder

Felt Home Key Holder17. Felt Home Key Holder (via onelmon)

18 Cityscape Wall Mounted Key and Mail Holder

Cityscape Wall Mounted Key and Mail Holder18. Cityscape Wall Mounted Key and Mail Holder (via 7 Gadgets)

19 Colored Shapes Key Holders

Colored Shapes Key Holders19. Colored Shapes Key Holders: You come home each day feeling like a zombie after staring at a dimly lit fuzzy monitor for 10 hours, before you take off your shoes and jacket and start communicating with your family, your mind migh… (via odditymall)

20 Crocodile Wall Pocket

Crocodile Wall Pocket20. Crocodile Wall Pocket: Our Cantankerous Crocodile Wall Pocket is fresh out of the sewer and fueled with revenge from being flushed down the toilet! That’s right… he’s found a way back into your home and this time he just really wants to help clean up your clutter! This striking fellow is ready to snack on your keys, accessories, neckties, money and more! Place him on doors and keep your most precious items in this gator’s vengeful clutches so that you don’t forget anything on your way out. This awesomely functional sculpture can be hung on walls with a hook. It can also be attached onto fridge doors and other magnetic surfaces. Measures approximately 3 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 4 inches in diameter. Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS. (via Perpetual Kid)

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