30 Awesome and Creative Key Holder Designs

26 His and Her Key Holders

His and Her Key Holders26. His and Her Key Holders: Amazon.com – His and Her Key Holders – Couple Human Key Holders (Set of 2) – Perfect House Warming Gift for Couples and Newlyweds – Key Hooks (via j-me original design)

27 Cool Tennis Ball Key Holder

Cool Tennis Ball Key Holder27. Cool Tennis Ball Key Holder: Furniture, Unique Key Holder For Wall : Unique Key Holder For Wall With Cool Tennis Ball Design Ideas, ] (via Myriam Amelie Marais)

28 Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder And Organizer

Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder And Organizer28. Wall Mounted Magnetic Key Holder And Organizer: The Umbra Magnetter is a wall mounted organizer and key magnet that gives you a handy slot to throw your mail into,assuming you’re not already on your way to the garbage, and it’s also magnetic … (via odditymall)

29 UnPlug Key Ring

UnPlug Key Ring29. UnPlug Key Ring: This is from Bangkok-based QUALY Design who creates home decor products under the GO GREEN concept. The concept behind this small creative piece is as simple as (via infmetry)

30 Sparrow Key Holder

Sparrow Key Holder30. Sparrow Key Holder: Our clever Sparrow Key Ring is an awesome key ring and adorable wall-mountable birdhouse that will not only hold your keys safe in one spot, but will look super cute doing so! The colorful Sparrow Key Ring also makes finding your keys in your purse easy to find with its bold colors. The sparrow is also a whistle, for an emergency signal or to round up the family!Choose a blue, green or a yellow bird for your birdhouse! Get one for everyone in the family!Measures 3 inches tall x 2. (via Perpetual Kid)

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