30 Creative DIY Lamps and Chandeliers You Can Make Using Everyday Objects

21 Shoji-Style Lamp

Shoji-Style Lamp21. Shoji-Style Lamp: I’d been planning to build a floor lamp using bamboo for the pole, and a lampshade that was kind of inspired by shoji screens (I’m trying to get a Japanese-style decor going), I like that look of light through translucent paper. By the time I’d built the base and the pole, and then the lampshade, I realized the shade was too big and would have made the lamp look top-heavy. Instead I decided the shade would look good as a table lamp (I did something else for my floor lamp – see here). Since I made this I’ve found that it does look quite a bit like an actual and on! (Like a cross between this, this and this, say) (via atarax)

22 Photo Negatives Lamp

Photo Negatives Lamp22. Photo Negatives Lamp (via Poopscape Projects)

23 Folded Paper Hanging Sphere Lamp

Folded Paper Hanging Sphere Lamp23. Folded Paper Hanging Sphere Lamp (via Zipper8Lighting)

24 Lamp Made from Multiple Colored Scrub Brushes

Lamp Made from Multiple Colored Scrub Brushes24. Lamp Made from Multiple Colored Scrub Brushes (via Natalie-Sampson-Designs)

25 Spike Lamp

Spike Lamp25. Spike Lamp: Kevin ChampenySpike Lamp15″ diameter x 7.5″ tall250+ hand cast rubber spikes w/light (via Kevin Champeny)

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