30 Creative DIY Lamps and Chandeliers You Can Make Using Everyday Objects

6 Chandelier Turns a Room Into a Forest

Chandelier Turns a Room Into a Forest6. Chandelier Turns a Room Into a Forest (via HildenDiaz)

7 Drum Chandelier

Drum Chandelier7. Drum Chandelier (via LUDWIG Design and Production)

8 Salvaged Bicycle Chain Chandeliers

Salvaged Bicycle Chain Chandeliers8. Salvaged Bicycle Chain Chandeliers: Multidisciplinary artist, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, operates under the name Facaro. Creator of the CONNECT series. (via Facaro)

9 Carved Gourd Lamps

Carved Gourd Lamps9. Carved Gourd Lamps (via Calabarte)

10 Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp10. Hat Lamp: These cheeky yet stylish Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights based on iconic British hats and are an essential gift for those with a sense of humor! They are made from 100% wool outer and an anodized aluminum lining. Includes 1.5m of silk flex and black (via Graham and Green)

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