30 Ingenious Hacks for Small Bedrooms

26 Make a Bookshelf Door

Make a Bookshelf Door26. Make a Bookshelf Door: Explore our small spaces, including small room decorating & design ideas (houseandgarden) (via House and Garden)

27 Hanging Lamp

Hanging Lamp27. Hanging Lamp: Today I wanted to share a fun DIY project I whipped up for our new room! I took an old lampshade that had “good bones” and turned it into a fun hanging lamp for the little nook over our bed. Supplies Needed: Lampshade – I found mine a thrift store… (via Leona Lane)

28 PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack

PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack28. PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack: This is a simple instructable for a four towel rack that hangs on the back of your bathroom door. It was done with a lot of trial and error, and ther… (via apccool)

29 Desks Doing Double Duty as Nightstands

Desks Doing Double Duty as Nightstands29. Desks Doing Double Duty as Nightstands: Most conventional advice recommends keeping work outside of the bedroom to boost calm and serenity within a sleeping space. But apparently most conventional advice givers have never had to make it all work with just 550 square feet. The bedroom-plus-office combo has always been a solid solution for tight quarters, and here’s one more tip to keep a dual duty bedroom comfortable. (via Apartment Therapy)

30 Use bed lift and you can store a lot of more

Use bed lift and you can store a lot of more30. Use bed lift and you can store a lot of more (via Bed Bath and Beyond)

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