30 Ingenious Hacks for Small Bedrooms

6 Easily move your bed for more space

Easily move your bed for more space6. Easily move your bed for more space: I wrote in a few months ago trying to find the right wheels for a platform bed. I got some great advice and ended up spending a little more money for the wheels with breaks so the bed didn’t end up half way across the room. I found them Hamilton S-7010-PR-4SL-IB Pneumatic Casters on Drillspot… (via Apartment Therapy)

7 Turn Old Drawers into Shelves

Turn Old Drawers into Shelves7. Turn Old Drawers into Shelves: Tidy sleeping quarters needn’t be just a dream. Flea market finds boost the stash and style factors in this breezy blue bedroom. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

8 Patchwork Headboard

Patchwork Headboard8. Patchwork Headboard (via Taking Time To Create)

9 Corner Closet

Corner Closet9. Corner Closet (via mint love social club)

10 Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf10. Corner Shelf: How to build a corner shelf in 7 minutes. Video tutorial. (via House of Rose)

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