30 Ridiculously Awesome Furniture You Wish to Own

6 Coiled Stool

Coiled Stool6. Coiled Stool: The Coiled Stool was inspired by the traditional basket-making techniques of the Philippines. Hand-woven threads cover a rattan core to create a surprisingly comfortable tractor seat. The Coiled Stool fits easily into casual and formal environments. Available in aqua, red, and grey. Explore more designs by Harry Allen (via Umbra Shift)

7 Forest Canopy Bed

Forest Canopy Bed7. Forest Canopy Bed: Forest Canopy Bed (via Anthropologie)

8 Circle Swing Rocking Chair

Circle Swing Rocking Chair8. Circle Swing Rocking Chair: The idea of leg-supported seating units does not appeal much to Polish designer Iwona Kosicka, who recently created SWING, her version of a comfortable chair. This playful piece showcases elegant woodwork and hangs from the ceilings of character-filled rooms. SWING is an example of a high-quality and minimalist design, as well as an open invitation (via Design Boom)

9 Kids Tent Bed

Kids Tent Bed9. Kids Tent Bed (via MathybyBols)

10 Convertible Sofa

Convertible Sofa10. Convertible Sofa: n our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important, that the Interior items possess little space, are multi-functional and small in size. I created a sofa for the living room, that can easily be transformed into a small dining-table with 6 padded stools. In terms of ergo-nomics it gives maximum comfort and convenience to the user. While transforming the sofa, the seat turns into six padded stools, and the backrest – into a countertop. (via Julia Kononenko industrial design)

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