30 Smart Ways To Put Your Room Corner Space To Use

26 Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers26. Corner Drawers (via Blum)

27 Kitchen Corner Drawers

Kitchen Corner Drawers27. Kitchen Corner Drawers: For those hard-to-reach places, there are all kinds of crafty solutions – but for looking integrated with the rest of your kitchen, few beat corner drawers. These examples help make use of one of the more uncomfortable geometric remnants architects and carpenters run into on a regular basis. In … (via Dornob)

28 Simple Corner Home Office

Simple Corner Home Office28. Simple Corner Home Office (via Little Green Notebook)

29 Better than Besta Corner Shelf System

Better than Besta Corner Shelf System29. Better than Besta Corner Shelf System: Materials used: 2 Ikea Besta bookshelves / 1 piece of Alder plywood (4 x 8)/ stain, screws, and glue We recently moved in to our new house in Phoenix area and the corner of our front room was super sad. We lasted about 5 months with this pathetic set up but eventually ran out of (via IKEA Hackers)

30 Designer Lamp

Designer Lamp30. Designer Lamp: Some people see a design they like and ask, “where can I buy that?”. A select few will be inspired to ask themselves, “how can I make that?”. Designer Aritz Bermudez of Creative Farm spotted Peter Bristol’s luminous corner piece, the Established & Sons Corner Light, and realized although the $910 light was out of his league, putting together a DIY facsimile was not… (via Apartment Therapy)

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