32 Recycled Denim Jeans Projects

11 Blue Jean Notebook

Blue Jean Notebook11. Blue Jean Notebook: An eco-friendly craft can be a fun way for kids to express their creativity and de-stress after a long week at school. What better way than to decorate their (via Planet Forward)

12 Denim Pillows

Denim Pillows12. Denim Pillows: Do you wonder what to do with those old denim jeans?Not really in good enough shape to donate, or make into shorts, but well worn and soft, you just wonder what can you do with them? There are all kinds of denim crafts you can make. This way you can… (via Infobarrel)

13 Denim Bean Bags

Denim Bean Bags13. Denim Bean Bags: Learn how to make a fun bean bag toss game out of old jean pockets and terra cotta saucers. (via Chica and Jo)

14 Denim Farfalle Bag

Denim Farfalle Bag14. Denim Farfalle Bag: anthro inspired denim farfalle bag i’m very excited to share my latest handbag creation, a project i recently guest-posted on someday crafts. a few months ago i (via Craft)

15 Chic Denim Bag

Chic Denim Bag15. Chic Denim Bag (via Roca & Company)

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