35 Brilliant Ideas to Reuse Old Cribs

11 Baby Gate

Baby Gate11. Baby Gate (via Before Meets After)

12 Crib Rail to Wall Decor

Crib Rail to Wall Decor12. Crib Rail to Wall Decor (via Our Crazy Kansas Life)

13 Gate or Fence

Gate or Fence13. Gate or Fence (via The Green Mommy)

14 Coat Rack

Coat Rack14. Coat Rack (via Nest Interiors)

15 Drying Rack

Drying Rack15. Drying Rack: This is theirs: And here is mine: I started out with a simple box shape. (note to self, I need to stop taking pictures on this horrible table!) I got the perfect crib rail from Cathy. I have several crib rails, but they are spindles or rectangular shapes. I think those odd shapes may (via My Repurposed Life)

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