35 Brilliant Ideas to Reuse Old Cribs

21 Sweet Reading Nook

Sweet Reading Nook21. Sweet Reading Nook (via Making Room for What Matters)

22 Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer22. Jewelry Organizer (via Vintage No. 35)

23 Use for Growing Plants

Use for Growing Plants23. Use for Growing Plants: Right now there isn’t a whole lot of excitement in the garden. Since the weather has been a little finicky, I’ve put off direct-planting some seeds (cucumbers and basil mostly), and some of my tiny… (via From Scratch Club)

24 Crib to Herb Garden

Crib to Herb Garden24. Crib to Herb Garden: Decorator and blogger Cynthia Weber shares a charming idea for turning an antique crib into an herb garden (via Cynthia Weber)

25 Kids Workstation

Kids Workstation25. Kids Workstation: I have been talking about our recycled crib projects for a while now but I haven’t been able to post our pictures yet. We made two projects from our crib both are no nail projects so you can easily put it back together to use again or to sell when you’re done with it. Our first (via Inspired by Familia)

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