35 Brilliant Ideas to Reuse Old Cribs

31 Hanging Drying Rack

Hanging Drying Rack31. Hanging Drying Rack (via Life in a Pink House)

32 Fabric Display

Fabric Display32. Fabric Display (via Little Ella Lu)

33 Art Display

Art Display33. Art Display (via Junk Sophisticate)

34 Crib Spring Memo Board

Crib Spring Memo Board34. Crib Spring Memo Board: Ive been working with a client on her daughters room, and upon talking to her, learned that her nine year read more (via The Handmade Home)

35 Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack35. Shoe Rack: I had been wondering what to do with my LAST child’s broken down crib. So, I took it apart, stared at everything, and decided I could use the spring part to hang my heels on. I’ve leaned it on the wall of my closet and it works great . It would probably look cute spray painted, but I kinda like the color the metal is already. (via Curbly)

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