35 Cheap And Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Project Ideas

16 Clementine Wreath

Clementine Wreath16. Clementine Wreath (via Omiyage Blogs)

17 Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden17. Mini Succulent Garden (via Wayaiulandia)

18 Dip Mix Ornaments

Dip Mix Ornaments18. Dip Mix Ornaments: These Dip Mix Ornaments are so fun! Come see the recipes here! (via Bubbly Nature Creations)

19 Two-Hour Cowl

Two-Hour Cowl19. Two-Hour Cowl: I have had all manners of ailments in the last couple weeks. Sore throat, lost voice, migraine, flu-like symptoms, terrible neck pain and now what seems like a nasty chest cold or bronchitis. I’m s… (via Baste and Gather)

20 Leather Soled Mittens

Leather Soled Mittens20. Leather Soled Mittens: I was just checking the weather forecast online and the main headline read Will it EVER be warm again? Ha! A bit dramatic, but I figured that now would be a good time to bring this le (via Sewbon)

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