40 Simple DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

1 Aluminum Vase Holder

Aluminum Vase Holder1. Aluminum Vase Holder: These DIY vase & utensil holders I made the other day totally had me feeling like super wife. I mean you guys, I organized my make-up drawer. Do you know what a big deal that is? (via Sugar & Cloth)

2 Floral Foam

Floral Foam2. Floral Foam: I see it. I like it. I make it. (via P.S. – I Made This …)

3 Planter Make-up Holder

Planter Make-up Holder3. Planter Make-up Holder (via Vegan Kmbrly)

4 Clay Lipstick Holder

Clay Lipstick Holder4. Clay Lipstick Holder: This post is sponsored by Sculpey Premo Clay. I have a little lipstick collection growing, Im really into pink right now. Id been thinking up a modern lipstick holder made of clay when I had the chance to review some Sculpey Premo clay. Perfect! I wanted to make a modern looking holder that would display (via See Kate Sew)

5 DIY Nail Polish Storage Idea

DIY Nail Polish Storage Idea5. DIY Nail Polish Storage Idea: Its fall cleaning time, girls!! Here’s a fancy little idea for storing your nail polish collection. We all love to have a few favorite colors sitting out on the vanity but since nail art has become such a huge trend, you may be the proud owner of LOTS of polishes. In this DIY, you’ll basically (via The Beauty Department)

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