35 Cheap And Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Project Ideas

31 Fruity Print Zipper Purses

Fruity Print Zipper Purses31. Fruity Print Zipper Purses: I think its definitely time for another DIY! This one’s been hanging around for a while waiting to be posted and I’ve only just got down to it.After my crazy work stint trying to get my etsy shop … (via The Lovely Drawer)

32 Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs32. Bath Bombs (via idlewife)

33 Shower Disks

Shower Disks33. Shower Disks: If you are struggling to make it through cold and flu season unscathed, take a moment to read through this great DIY shower steamer tutorial from my good friend (and blogger extraordinaire) Kayla. She and I share a love for essential oils. I cant wait to tell you guys what they are doing for me! (via Stuff Parents Need)

34 Placemat Envelope Clutch

Placemat Envelope Clutch34. Placemat Envelope Clutch (via Why Buy it? DIY it)

35 Pom Trim Scarf

Pom Trim Scarf35. Pom Trim Scarf (via Carry on…Carry on…)

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