35 Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Shampoo Bottles

11 Handy Caddy

Handy Caddy11. Handy Caddy (via Unilever)

12 Shampoo Bottle Wreath

Shampoo Bottle Wreath12. Shampoo Bottle Wreath (via 365 days 365 Do It Yourself projects (No money spend))

13 Pen Holder

Pen Holder13. Pen Holder: Love to recycle waste bottles around at home? Here is how I carried out a shampoo bottle recycle craft with minimal supplies. (via The Crafty Angels)

14 Monstrously Fun Pencil Holders

Monstrously Fun Pencil Holders14. Monstrously Fun Pencil Holders (via P&G Everyday)

15 Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage15. Bathroom Storage: I have a couple factors working against me with keeping my kids bathroom counter tidy. 1) they don’t have have anywhere to put their toothbrushes and toothpaste besides the cabinet behind the mirror. 2) the cabinet behind the mirror is out of sight, out of mind. Therefore I need storage that’s out of the way, (via Eve of Reduction)

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