35 Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Shampoo Bottles

6 Bowling with Shampoo Bottles

Bowling with Shampoo Bottles6. Bowling with Shampoo Bottles (via Pra Gente Miúda)

7 Toy Airplanes

Toy Airplanes7. Toy Airplanes (via Vila do Artesão)

8 Sink Saddle Caddy

Sink Saddle Caddy8. Sink Saddle Caddy: How to Repurpose a Shampoo Bottle into a DIY Sink Saddle Caddy. More upcycling ideas like a brochure holder, business card holder, kid’s boat, or toothbrush (via Eve of Reduction)

9 Little Bags

Little Bags9. Little Bags: DIY, lets recycle shampoo bottles and make beautiful small bags. (via pysselbolaget)

10 Bottle Boat

Bottle Boat10. Bottle Boat (via Guerrilla Innovation)

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