35 Household Items You Can Repurpose for Kids

21 Turn Creates into Bookshelves

Turn Creates into Bookshelves21. Turn Creates into Bookshelves: Amplify your home’s storage capacity by optimizing wall space. Check out these storage solutions — from capacious cabinets to inventive constructions — that stow copious amounts of all kinds of stuff. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

22 Shoe Box Dollhouse

Shoe Box Dollhouse22. Shoe Box Dollhouse: Kids Craft: Shoe Box Doll House (via My Poppet Makes)

23 Starbucks Cups For Spill Free Painting

Starbucks Cups For Spill Free Painting23. Starbucks Cups For Spill Free Painting (via Muffin Tin Mom)

24 Swing for Toddlers

Swing for Toddlers24. Swing for Toddlers: My husband and I have two kids, Leo (4) and Nico (1), and both of them absolutely love this swing.We live off-grid and make pretty much everything w… (via velacreations)

25 Make a Piggy Bank from Formula Cans

Make a Piggy Bank from Formula Cans25. Make a Piggy Bank from Formula Cans: We have about 4,839 empty cans of formula lying around our house. Okay, I’m guesstimating. But we have way too many since Ive yet to drive them over to the recycling center. And since they are cans of Scarlettes special prescription formula, I cant justify throwing them out because they cost a fortune. How much? (via Kayla Aimee Writes)

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