35 Super Cozy Ways to Use String Lights at Home

31 Light Table

Light Table31. Light Table: I recently discovered that my son is FASCINATED with light. At our local childrens museum, there is a light table with lots of different colored acrylic shapes to play with. He stands at that table FOR.EV.ER just moving the shapes around on the table and observing what they look like when illuminated. We could stay […] (via Here Comes the Sun)

32 Popsicle String Lights

Popsicle String Lights32. Popsicle String Lights: Its National Ice Cream Month, yippee! Since I like to encourage as much ice cream intake as possible, today I’m sharing tips on how to pull together a frosty fete. Send: This ice cream invitation! (via You Are My Fave)

33 Black Cats And Friendly Ghosts

Black Cats And Friendly Ghosts33. Black Cats And Friendly Ghosts (via CAKIES)

34 Firefly Mason Jar Lights

Firefly Mason Jar Lights34. Firefly Mason Jar Lights: I am on a bit of a firefly kick this summer. I have already shared my Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Key Chains with you. This project centers around the same idea the joy of catching fireflies in a jar. This DIY requires only three supplies and will take you all of 15 minutes to put together. (via Mad in Crafts)

35 Glittering Lightscape

Glittering Lightscape35. Glittering Lightscape: Glow and Behold. We first saw this sparkling lightscape last year in the now-defunct Blueprint. It’s a lovely neutral and crystalline color palette. Click below for details on how to do this project using Christmas lights and canvas… (via Apartment Therapy)

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