35 Super Cozy Ways to Use String Lights at Home

21 Ping Pong Ball Lights

Ping Pong Ball Lights21. Ping Pong Ball Lights: At some point last semester I realized that ping pong balls make great diffusers and look really cool when they are glowing. Next we concluded that a hundred glowing ping pong balls would look even cooler. It was at about this point I decided that my apartment was in dire need of some ping pong ball lights.In this instructable I’ll show you a quick way to turn an ordinary string of Christmas lights into a great party decoration. (via advancedMischief)

22 Polka Dot Party Lights

Polka Dot Party Lights22. Polka Dot Party Lights: Learn how to make your very own polka dot party lights with only a few materials! They’re very simple to make and you will love every step! (via Heart Handmade uk)

23 Rope Light

Rope Light23. Rope Light: We put up this rope light in our bathroom right before the holiday season this year, in an attempt to add a little magic to the winter. Several months later and heading into spring we still love it, and it doesn’t feel “holiday” to us at all. The best part? It gives off some of the most flattering (if slightly dim) light we’ve ever experienced in a bathroom. (via Apartment Therapy)

24 Paper Doily Wreath Light

Paper Doily Wreath Light24. Paper Doily Wreath Light: A delicate-looking wreath that creates the magical effect of candles flickering in the snow is easy to make and surprisingly sturdy. Wreath frames are strung with twinkling lights that are nestled in frothy, doily like paper bouquet holders known as “Biedermeiermanschetten.” (via Martha Stewart)

25 Cupcake Flower Lights

Cupcake Flower Lights25. Cupcake Flower Lights (via Oh Happy Day)

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