35 Super Easy Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

26 Yarn Butterflies

Yarn Butterflies26. Yarn Butterflies: The kids will have fun making these cute Yarn Butterflies, they make a great Spring time craft! (via We Made That)

27 Eggshell Flowerpots

Eggshell Flowerpots27. Eggshell Flowerpots: Young gardeners can use eggshells as pots to start seeds and coffee-stirrer tags to foretell what will pop up where. Plant seeds according to package instructions, and nestle planters in an egg carton on a sunny windowsill, where they can be watered easily. The first leaves to sprout will be the cotyledons or seed leaves, which supply nutrients to the young plant until the first true leaves (resembling those of the parent plant) appear. When plants have grown to about 3 inches and have at… (via Martha Stewart)

28 Carrot Footprints

Carrot Footprints28. Carrot Footprints: Hello Friends! Hope you all had an Amazing weekend. They always go by too quickly for me It was so beautiful outside, so we spent much of the weekend enjoying it. I didn’t get much project time, but I did get some special time with my oldest during the little’s naptime. We made these darling footprint […] (via onekriegerchick)

29 Q-tip Bunny

Q-tip Bunny29. Q-tip Bunny: This little Q-tip bunny has hopped its way to our house for a fun little adventure. Hes watching over the kids to make sure hell be able to come again to our house for Easter and hide a few eggs… Continue Reading (via Make and Takes)

30 Cardboard Bunny Ball Game

Cardboard Bunny Ball Game30. Cardboard Bunny Ball Game (via Actividades Infantil)

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