35 Super Easy Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

16 Easter Checkers

Easter Checkers16. Easter Checkers: Looking for an Easter craft to do with all of those egg cartons that you hoard? I have just the thing. Easter Checkers. This is what you will need to make this fun Easter game for the kids: 1 16×16″ thick ply wood Paint: Pink (matte & metallic), Yellow (matte & metallic), green and blue Egg cartons (24 egg cups) Card stock: orange, yellow glitter, pink glitter (2 shades) White pom poms Elmer’s glue spots: thin mini and pop-up medium Wiggly eyes Black marker X-Acto knife, scissors, ruler and paint brushes. To make the bunnies: Paint the egg cups with… (via Tonya Staab)

17 Easy Chick Candy Pops

Easy Chick Candy Pops17. Easy Chick Candy Pops: Easy candy craft for kids: Make chick pops for Easter. (via The Decorated Cookie)

18 Easy Bunny Punch Card

Easy Bunny Punch Card18. Easy Bunny Punch Card: You can find Today’s Top brands for crafting and scrapbooking: Cricut, Making Memories Slice, Silhouette America & More with all the accessories you will need (via Craft-e-Corner)

19 Light Bulb Bumblebee Craft

Light Bulb Bumblebee Craft19. Light Bulb Bumblebee Craft: Winter is over and it’s time to celebrate spring! These imaginative and colorful crafts highlight everything that’s fun about the season. (via She Knows)

20 Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter Baskets20. Paper Easter Baskets: These pastel paper bags decorated with construction paper are a whimsical alternative to the traditional woven baskets. (via Martha Stewart)

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