35 Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box That Will Amaze Your Kids

6 Kids Car

Kids Car6. Kids Car: Nothing like a creative challenge to get my brain working and what could be more fun than following up Immy’s beloved cardboard box play kitchen with the next DIY Kids project… a car. Same rules apply. Only $10 and whatever I can find in my recycling bin and around the house to complete the challenge. Here’s how I did… DIY Kids Car for Under $10 (via Childhood101)

7 An Elevator

An Elevator7. An Elevator (via Repeat Crafter Me)

8 A Washer

A Washer8. A Washer: Home Depot Box and Duct Tape (mmm) – TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS – My son just loves to help me wash clothes. He’s 5 now hopefully he feels the same way in a few years to do his own laundry. So I decided to make (via Craftster)

9 A Dryer

A Dryer9. A Dryer (via Estéfi Machado)

10 A Grocer’s Shopfront

A Grocer’s Shopfront10. A Grocer’s Shopfront (via ikatbag)

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