35 Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box That Will Amaze Your Kids

11 Cardboard Bed

Cardboard Bed11. Cardboard Bed (via Hello Bee)

12 A Gas Pump

A Gas Pump12. A Gas Pump (via CraigslistDad)

13 Make a Town

Make a Town13. Make a Town: Got a big box? Wondering what to do with it? Here’s a simple and fun way to play with a big box. (via picklebums)

14 Cardboard Labyrinth

Cardboard Labyrinth14. Cardboard Labyrinth: We picked few cool ideas that present an inexpensive and eco-friendly ways to make your own toys, games and play ideas at home. (via Living Green with Baby)

15 Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre15. Puppet Theatre (via Pink and Green Mama)

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