35 Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box That Will Amaze Your Kids

16 Cardboard Box Play Tunnel

Cardboard Box Play Tunnel16. Cardboard Box Play Tunnel: Make a baby and toddler play sensory tunnel to crawl through, explore sounds and textures and have gross motor fun together! Great rainy day play activity! (via The Imagination Tree)

17 Super Hero Phone Booth

Super Hero Phone Booth17. Super Hero Phone Booth: How to make a superhero phone booth, perfect for a kid’s party or play room! (via DIY on the Cheap)

18 Cardboard Crown

Cardboard Crown18. Cardboard Crown (via Baby Jungle)

19 Fire Engine Truck

Fire Engine Truck19. Fire Engine Truck (via Everyday Mom Ideas)

20 Cardboard Bus

Cardboard Bus20. Cardboard Bus (via Dani and Bel)

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