40 Awesome DIY Project Ideas That Make Traveling So Much Easier

6 Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Single-Serve Coffee Pods6. Single-Serve Coffee Pods: The next time you’re traveling, make and bring along your own single-serve coffee so you can enjoy your favorite cup of joe no matter where you are. These are easy to put together and travel well, packed in a plastic zip-top bag. And this works (via Popsugar)

7 Custom Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tags7. Custom Luggage Tags: Did you guys notice our new logo? We changed it right before SNAP,to match our cute new business cards: We thought it would be fun to make some gifts for our blog friends {and idols}to handout at SNAP! But what could we give that was {1} practical like, people would actually USE it once they left the…Read More (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

8 Single-Use Packets

Single-Use Packets8. Single-Use Packets: Next time you’re heading out for an overnight trip, instead of packing big tubs of toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner, make these easy DIY single-use packets instead. We took inspiration from this smart idea and just had to try making them ourselves. (via Popsugar)

9 Turban Headband

Turban Headband9. Turban Headband (via Curly Made)

10 Travel Size Soaps

Travel Size Soaps10. Travel Size Soaps: Instead of tossing lemon rinds, use for making super cute lemon soaps. Usually tossed in the trash, lemon zest brightens basic glycerin soap for an invigorating cleaner that also leaves hands nice and soft. After grating, use the rest of the lemon for (via Popsugar)

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