40 Awesome DIY Project Ideas That Make Traveling So Much Easier

11 Flat Iron Holder

Flat Iron Holder11. Flat Iron Holder (via Creative Juices)

12 Mini Ironing Board

Mini Ironing Board12. Mini Ironing Board: Tired of wrangling with that clunky, full-sized ironing board when you need to quickly press a shirt? Perfect for small spaces or tucking in a suitcase when traveling, this DIY mini ironing board keeps things wrinkle-free without taking up needed closet (via Popsugar)

13 Easy Shirt Sewing

Easy Shirt Sewing13. Easy Shirt Sewing (via Ohoh Blog)

14 Wrinkle Release Spray

Wrinkle Release Spray14. Wrinkle Release Spray: Next time you’ve got a wrinkly shirt, mix up this quick and easy chemical-free wrinkle release spray instead of reaching for your iron. This helpful idea is all over Pinterest, and we totally admit to having some serious doubts. After putting it to the (via Popsugar)

15 Mishmash iPad Bag

Mishmash iPad Bag15. Mishmash iPad Bag (via Giddy)

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