40 Awesome DIY Project Ideas That Make Traveling So Much Easier

36 Drawstring Travel Bag

Drawstring Travel Bag36. Drawstring Travel Bag (via Sew DIY)

37 Fabric Luggage Tags

Fabric Luggage Tags37. Fabric Luggage Tags (via Twirling Betty)

38 Woven Notebook

Woven Notebook38. Woven Notebook (via Ruby Murrays Musings)

39 Glass Map Necklace

Glass Map Necklace39. Glass Map Necklace: Blog post at Happy Hour Projects : If you have visited my Etsy shop, then you will recognize today’s project. For you DIY-ers, I’m going to show you how to make your own![..] (via Happy Hour Projects)

40 Cute Washcloth Travel Kit

Cute Washcloth Travel Kit40. Cute Washcloth Travel Kit: Next time you’re traveling or hitting the shower at the gym, make this quick and easy washcloth travel kit that holds your stuff and cleans your face, too. Pick up a washcloth at the dollar store and a bit of washable ribbon for only a few bucks to (via Popsugar)

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