40 Awesome DIY Project Ideas That Make Traveling So Much Easier

31 Travel Bag

Travel Bag31. Travel Bag: Sew a durable zippered bag with boxed corners for Dad or other special guy. Select a fun print for lining. Easy zipper insertion technique. (via We All Sew)

32 Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag32. Leather Luggage Tag: i love brown leather anything but can’t sew – so i decided to do the easiest and quickest way to make a luggage tag for my trip. all it requires is cutting and gluing, could that be easier? don’t t… (via Almost Makes Perfect)

33 Travel Journals

Travel Journals33. Travel Journals (via willowday)

34 Soothe Dry Hands With Homemade Lotion Bars

Soothe Dry Hands With Homemade Lotion Bars34. Soothe Dry Hands With Homemade Lotion Bars: Keep your hands silky smooth with the help of DIY lotion bars that can go with you anywhere. These cute little lotions make a memorable, personal homemade gift for someone special. Made with coconut oil, which has so many helpful uses around the home, (via Popsugar)

35 Reversible Box Tote

Reversible Box Tote35. Reversible Box Tote (via Very Shannon)

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