The 50 Cutest DIY Projects that ANYONE Will be Addicted to

1 Mini Paper Book

Mini Paper Book1. Mini Paper Book (via How About Orange)

2 Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet2. Friendship Bracelet (via Dandee)

3 Giant Wall Buttons

Giant Wall Buttons3. Giant Wall Buttons (via Drawings Under the Table)

4 Spring Bunnies

Spring Bunnies4. Spring Bunnies: Spring has arrived! Its been 3 years since I designed the Spring Bunnies and I know that this pattern has been dearly loved and used many times all over the world since then. If you never jumped on the bunny bandwagon, now’s your chance to join in on the fun and make your own Spring Bunny as the weather warms up and Easter approaches! This pattern originally appeared on Craftzine HERE and it is my pleasure bringing it to you on my blog for the very first time! (via All About Ami)

5 Fuit Macarons

Fuit Macarons5. Fuit Macarons: Reinventing the fruit basket one cookie at a time with these DIY fruit macarons… (via Sugar & Cloth)

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