40 Easy DIY Projects to Try Now

16 Alphabet Pasta Stud Earrings

Alphabet Pasta Stud Earrings16. Alphabet Pasta Stud Earrings: Stud earrings in your favorite initials or lucky numbers are everywhere! This DIY jewelry project lets you fashion your own using alphabet pasta and Mod… (via we heart this)

17 Sashiko Table Decor

Sashiko Table Decor17. Sashiko Table Decor: Sashiko is a Japanese style of needlework. Literally meaning little stabs, sashiko was originally used to strengthen and reinforce fabric through a series of running stitches. Sashiko has evolved into a more decorative form and today is used to create patterns on table linens and tenugui, cloth bags, and clothing such as kimono. Sashiko (via Saké Puppets)

18 Raw Stone and Silver Necklace

Raw Stone and Silver Necklace18. Raw Stone and Silver Necklace: Some people believe in the healing powers of stones or crystals and others just love the beautiful natural colors and shapes. Either way semi precious stones are a huge trend especially as we gradually get closer to summer. I’m thinking floaty dresses, strappy sandals and layers of delicate pendants and chunky crystal details. Come on (via Fall for DIY)

19 Gold Dipped Wishbone Place Card Holders

Gold Dipped Wishbone Place Card Holders19. Gold Dipped Wishbone Place Card Holders: DIY this set of gold dipped wishbone place card holders for your holiday table (via Homeology Modern Vintage)

20 Easy Art

Easy Art20. Easy Art (via Mark Montano)

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