40 Simple DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

21 Sushi Mat Brush Organizer

Sushi Mat Brush Organizer21. Sushi Mat Brush Organizer: brush organizer, how to make brush organizer, brush holder, organize home, (via Irina’s Cute Box)

22 Roll-up Makeup Brush Case

Roll-up Makeup Brush Case22. Roll-up Makeup Brush Case (via Sew 4 Home)

23 Make-Up Brush Storage

Make-Up Brush Storage23. Make-Up Brush Storage: All you need for this project is your drill with a drill bit on it, and a piece of wood. The drill bit depends on the size of hole you need. Just compare your bits to your brushes, as you can vary the sizes of holes.For the wood I used this cut branch (via Natalme)

24 Old Frame Makeup Board

Old Frame Makeup Board24. Old Frame Makeup Board (via Let’s Call This a New Beginning)

25 Make-up Storage with Compartments

Make-up Storage with Compartments25. Make-up Storage with Compartments (via Peach Fizzz)

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