40 Simple DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

16 Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray

Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray16. Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray (via Craft a Noodle Doo)

17 Wood Makeup Storage

Wood Makeup Storage17. Wood Makeup Storage (via Bubblegarm)

18 Two-Tier Organizer

Two-Tier Organizer18. Two-Tier Organizer: Today I concluded that I was sick and tired of my makeup table looking like tornado stricken cosmetic store and I know Im not alone on this one! I needed a simple (and fabulous!) solution for keeping my cosmetics looking orderly without Continue reading (via Picklee)

19 Glamorous Makeup Brush Storage

Glamorous Makeup Brush Storage19. Glamorous Makeup Brush Storage: Make-up brushes, eye liners, lip liners and the similar can get totally lost in a big make-up bag, or stuck in those rollers and holsters/ holders that make it challenging to … Read More (via The Average Girl’s Guide)

20 Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware

Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware20. Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware: How to Make a Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware A lady always needs a place to keep her jewelry and toiletries neatly organized. Why not create an organizer just for her using dinnerware?… (via Designs by Studio C)

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