40 Simple DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

31 Leather Brush Holder

Leather Brush Holder31. Leather Brush Holder: This stylish leather makeup brush holder is easy to make and easy to travel with. (via Hello Natural)

32 Beauty Storage Station

Beauty Storage Station32. Beauty Storage Station: DIY beauty station tutorial (via Blah Blah Magazine)

33 Copper Tube Lipstick Holder

Copper Tube Lipstick Holder33. Copper Tube Lipstick Holder: I’ve graduated college, had a wonderful weekend full of good food, drinks, and family, coordinated a move, continue to work on a blog redesign. (via Hammer and Heels)

34 Metal Sheet Makeup Board

Metal Sheet Makeup Board34. Metal Sheet Makeup Board (via Liz Marie Blog)

35 Faux Leather Make-up Brush Roll

Faux Leather Make-up Brush Roll35. Faux Leather Make-up Brush Roll (via Wag Doll)

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