40 Simple DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

6 Hanging Storage

Hanging Storage6. Hanging Storage: This is what my make-up has been in since we moved here 3 years ago. No organization whatsoever. Usually it isn’t an issue since I don’t wear much make-up, but (via Gluesticks)

7 Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board7. Magnetic Makeup Board (via Green Eyed Monster!)

8 Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder

Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder8. Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder: Is your bathroom counter always cluttered with random makeup brushes, eyeliner, and mascara? Mine looks like a tornado went through every morning. No joke. Whenever I go back home for the weekend my siblings yell at me for destroying the bathroom counter. Whatevs, at least I admit it, right? So when I found this ice (via Design Eat Repeat)

9 Box Drawer Organizer

Box Drawer Organizer9. Box Drawer Organizer (via Bubblegarm)

10 Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder

Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder10. Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder: A few weeks ago on a plane I was vigorously going through a pile of magazines that had stacked up. They’re mostly Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and House Beautiful, but I have some Vogue and InStyle thrown in there because I do work in the fashion industry and try to stay in (via Earnest Home CO.)

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