45 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles to Give You a Perfectly New Look

31 Polished Tips

Polished Tips31. Polished Tips: thanks to sassoon my desperate cry for a new haircut has finally been heard. visiting one of their london salonsi have had probably the best haircut experiences ever. i HATE spending hours at (via Dariadaria)

32 Natural and Effortless Balayage

Natural and Effortless Balayage32. Natural and Effortless Balayage (via audratonghair)

33 Ecaille Balayage

Ecaille Balayage33. Ecaille Balayage: The ombre’s been around for bloody ages. Diplights came in and balayage had a moment. But now it’s all about the TORTOISESHELL HAIR. Sounds scary, looks beaut. Think of a combination of a subtle ombre with even more highlights thrown into the mixer. Need more inspo? Check out this lot… (via Sugar Scape)

34 Caramel and blonde balayage

Caramel and blonde balayage34. Caramel and blonde balayage: Anyone can have beautiful hair color. (via Hair Product and Technique)

35 Natural Hair

Natural Hair35. Natural Hair: Ombre hair continues to dominate the hair world creating an explosion of unique hairstyles, hair colors and extensive diversity in the hair community. While ombre hair coloring has been around for qu… (via The Style News Network)

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