45 Creative Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know that are Borderline Genius

31 Make a handy lightweight bowl

Make a handy lightweight bowl31. Make a handy lightweight bowl (via Field and Stream)

32 Prescription bottles make excellent first-aid kits

Prescription bottles make excellent first-aid kits32. Prescription bottles make excellent first-aid kits: What are you going to do with it when you refill your prescription or no longer have to take your medication? You could always try out some of the following tips for re-using and recycling your empty (via Chasing Green)

33 Toilet Made From a Milk Crate

Toilet Made From a Milk Crate33. Toilet Made From a Milk Crate: Modern toilets take two valuable resources, water and nitrogen rich human waste, and combine the two to create a problem: sewage. In a dry or human manure toilet, you cover your deposits with a layer of non-toxic sawdust. (via Root Simple)

34 Better Sterno Alternative

Better Sterno Alternative34. Better Sterno Alternative: How you pack for the outdoors depends on how you intend to spend your time exploring nature. Packing light seems to be a common goal of campers, hiker… (via Instructables)

35 Clementine Candle

Clementine Candle35. Clementine Candle: It’s that lovely time of year again, when even though the weather is getting colder, bright little boxes of clementines start popping up in store windows. Now is their season, and it’s ours to exercise a little bit a of will power and optimism in the dark. I learned this fabulous little party trick when I was a school teacher years ago (thank you Ana Opitz!) and have been showing other folks how to do it for years. It’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. I’ve updated the whole post and combined all the elements from instructions to slide show to video. Here’s also a nice clip of how to lay them in water for optimal effect. Enjoy! (via Apartment Therapy)

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