45 Easy Ways to Make Groceries Last as Long as Possible

36 Freezing Peaches

Freezing Peaches36. Freezing Peaches: Just less than two weeks ago the annual Peach Festival took place in Palisade, Colorado. We discovered the lushness of these peaches a couple years ago while driving home from Denver on Interstate 70. Palisade is located seven miles east [] (via Jani Serendipity)

37 How to Store Brussels Sprouts

How to Store Brussels Sprouts37. How to Store Brussels Sprouts: While hitting up the farmer’s market for Thanksgiving brussels sprouts this weekend, we got a tip from the stand owner that made us add a few extra pounds onto our purchase. Here’s what he told us… (via The Kitchn)

38 Freeze chopped green onions in plastic drink bottles

Freeze chopped green onions in plastic drink bottles38. Freeze chopped green onions in plastic drink bottles: I’ve written previously about freezing chopped green onions or fresh herbs to speed up prep time and reduce spoilage, but a twist is using plastic drink bottles (via Lunch in a Box)

39 Get an Ethylene Gas Guardian which will absorb ethylene

Get an Ethylene Gas Guardian which will absorb ethylene39. Get an Ethylene Gas Guardian which will absorb ethylene: Saving on groceries doesn’t just stop at the supermarket checkout. Have your dollar go even farther by preserving your food and using some tricks to extend the life of your groceries. If you’re throwing away food, you’re wasting cash, and all the tips (via Popsugar)

40 How to keep cauliflower fresh

How to keep cauliflower fresh40. How to keep cauliflower fresh: Like so many vegetables, cauliflower is one of those that is available year round but few realize that there is indeed a season for it. Cauliflower season runs from October through April but it’s at its best starting in December. Look for compact, dense heads without any discolorization. To store, place in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator, where it should keep for about a week. Of course you could eat it raw, tossed in a salad or steamed, but it’s a little dull and doesn’t really capitalize on the potential of cauliflower’s flavor. (via The Kitchn)

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