45 Easy Ways to Make Groceries Last as Long as Possible

21 Mason or Ball Jars For Storage

Mason or Ball Jars For Storage21. Mason or Ball Jars For Storage (via Easy Street 2)

22 The Best Way to Store Tomatoes

The Best Way to Store Tomatoes22. The Best Way to Store Tomatoes: Although we typically recommend storing tomatoes at room temperature as it best preserves their flavor and texture, it’s not quite as simple as that. Here are the best practices depending on how ripe your tomatoes are:Keep unripe green tomatoes, stem (via Popsugar)

23 How to store gingers

How to store gingers23. How to store gingers: Easy tips for storing and using fresh ginger root. (via About.com)

24 Keep Fridge Clean

Keep Fridge Clean24. Keep Fridge Clean: A clean refrigerator promises to keep food fresher. Here’s how to keep this kitchen workhorse clean. (via Martha Stewart)

25 Keep Herbs in Plastic Bags

Keep Herbs in Plastic Bags25. Keep Herbs in Plastic Bags: How do you store your fresh herbs? Do you ever find them getting slimy in the back of the crisper drawer? Reader Jess just sent us this great tip for keeping herbs fresh for a long time. We’ve seen this before, but she illustrated it really well; take a look! (via The Kitchn)

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